Je ranking

so i finally did one xD 

1Yamashita Tomohisa
2Akanishi Jin
3Nishikido Ryo
4Domoto Koichi
4Nagase Tomoya
6Takizawa Hideaki
7Ikuta Toma
7Sakurai Sho
9Koyama Keiichiro
9Kato Shigeaki
11Matsumoto Jun
11Ninomiya Kazunari
13Kamenashi Kazuya
14Miyake Ken
15Tegoshi Yuya
15Masuda Takahisa
17Kusano Hironori
17Uchi Hiroki
17Ayukawa Taiyo
20Yamada Ryosuke
21Yabu Kota
22Chinen Yuuri
23Taguchi Junnosuke
23Yokoyama Yu
23Murakami Shingo
23Maruyama Ryuhei
23Yasuda Shota
23Ohkura Tadayoshi
23Yaotome Hikaru
23Nakajima Yuto
23Arioka Daiki
23Takaki Yuya
23Morimoto Ryutaro
23Inoo Kei
23Okamoto Keito
36Okada Junichi
37Domoto Tsuyoshi
38Ohno Satoshi
38Aiba Masaki
40Imai Tsubasa
41Yamashita Shoon
42Nakamaru Yuichi
43Shibutani Subaru
43Kazama Shunsuke
43Hasegawa Jun
43Matsuoka Masahiro
43Yamaguchi Tatsuya
43Kokubun Taichi
43Joshima Shigeru
43Morita Go
43Inohara Yoshihiko
43Nagano Hiroshi
43Sakamoto Masayuki
43Nakai Masahiro
43Kimura Takuya
43Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
43Katori Shingo
43Inagaki Goro
59Tanaka Koki
59Ueda Tatsuya
it came out all right but i actually liek takki more than nagase xD and i like tego and massu more than shige but shige just happen to be same rank at koyama also lol

NEWS single on Yesasia

Did everyone receive this? Like under your coupon code, you get this coupon - promotional deal if you purchase NEWS limited single "Summer Time" at Yesasia? Did they send it to everyone, or only ppl that have purchase news related stuff at yesasia?? 

IT"S A $6 off coupon, i tested it out! LOL. I'm going to get my 2 edition @ yesasia =]

NEWS new single!

NEWS/Summer Time[Limited Edition]  CDA
952 yen US$10/99.81  Release Date:2008/05/08
Description:New single release from News features a refreshing song
about summertime love.  Limited edition includes bonus tracks "Liar" and
"Summer Time (Original Karaoke)" plus three-sided, six-page jacket with
different jacket artwork from the regular edition.
NEWS/Summer Time[Regular Edition]  CDA
952 yen US$10/99.81  Release Date:2008/05/08
Description:New single release from News features a refreshing song
about summertime love.  Regular edition includes bonus track "Baby! Be My
Baby!" not included on the limited edition, plus two-sided, four-page

YAY to a new single. NAY to my wallet xP

Hollywood Bowl

Someone is offering to buy a ticket for $500 to hollywood bowl, and i was tempted to sell it at first since yeah i need extra cash. But yeah then i just told the buyer that I want to know the full artirst list before selling, i just haven't give up my hope for SHINHWA to come to HB....seem like alot of people are looking for tickets since DBSK name is added to list of artist, now it will be prefect if yeah shinhwa, se7en, bi and big big(but mostly shinhwa and bi since i never saw them in person, well i did see half of shinhwa lol) name is there as well, but yeah i know im dreaming xP

about the peace concert, is anyone insteresting in a R seat ticket for $126? that's the original price....

omg ...i recnetly read a news about hyunjoong leg's injury i just hope this doens't affect his appearace at the peace concert or else im going to be so so depresssed.....well at least ft island can still keep my happy but please hope there no changes on SS501's part =/

he's was so hott in SGB and now im watching the truth game with him xPPP, srry for my friend list who not interested in krn stuff xP

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[selling] Korean Music Festival @ Hollywood Bowl Terrace Tickets

if anyone is interested LET ME KNOW, just posting it here just in case anyone is interested xPP

SECTION: terrace #1167 (second row)
# OF TICKETS: 4 (unless you can get another group of 2 i will sell in 2s as well then)
PRICE: $125 each - $500 total
PAYING METHOD: Paypal (fees included $515.24- prefer) Money Order, Cash 

note to nina: hey if you are reading, did you read the info i sent over via aim about the peace concert?? going still?? let me know im going to call on tuesday unless tomorrow the office is open.


news "weeeek" single - sales

Their latest single is still selling (:

*1 *,170,076 **1,205 弾丸ファイター / SMAP 07/12/19
*2 *,163,225 *19,272 吾亦紅(われもこう) / すぎもとまさと 07/02/21 累計253,461
*3 *,136,331 **3,012 way of life / V6 07/12/12
*4 *,106,371 **2,344 Climax Jump DEN-LINER form / モモタロス,ウラタロス,キンタロス,リュウタロス(関俊彦・遊佐浩二・てらそままさき・鈴村健一) 07/12/19
*5 *,*97,567 *47,409 そばにいるね / 青山テルマ feat.Soulja 08/01/23
*6 *,*93,705 *20,575 オーダーメイド / RADWIMPS 08/01/23
*7 *,*89,730 *25,798 出会いのかけら / ケツメイシ 08/01/23
*8 *,*83,311 ***,752 グロリアス マインド / ZARD 07/12/12
*9 *,*64,530 **3,746 千の風になって / 秋川雅史 06/05/24 累計1,187,148
10 *,*51,016 **3,963 冬の幻 / Acid Black Cherry 08/01/16
11 *,*50,855 **1,470 Keep the faith / KAT-TUN 07/11/21 累計455,194
12 *,*50,293 **7,242 anytime(完全限定生産盤) / 倖田來未 08/01/23
13 *,*49,451 **5,520 Baby cruising Love/マカロニ / Perfume 08/01/16
14 *,*49,435 ***,842 KISSして / KOH+ 07/11/21 累計143,890
15 *,*49,339 **9,030 目覚めろ!野性 / MATCHY with QUESTION? 08/01/23
16 *,*48,717 ***,891 ダーリン / 桑田佳祐 07/12/05 累計142,285
17 *,*47,072 ***,443 Wonderful & Beautiful / レミオロメン 07/12/12
18 *,*45,357 **1,199 Purple Line / 東方神起 08/01/16 
19 *,*39,595 ***,*** Together / 東方神起 07/12/19
20 *,*38,991 **1,259 Ultra Music Power / Hey! Say! JUMP 07/11/14 累計343,092
21 *,*38,197 **6,205 BE FREE/涙空 / GReeeeN 08/01/16
22 *,*37,161 **3,194 夢の途中/TOKIMEKI☆DooBeeDoo / WaT/e2 08/01/16
23 *,*36,568 **1,432 らき☆すたRe-Mix002~『ラキスタノキワミ、アッー』・・ / 泉こなた(平野綾)etc 07/12/26
24 *,*36,470 **1,663 おしりかじり虫 / おしりかじり虫 07/07/27 累計191,423
25 *,*35,412 **4,360 蕾 / コブクロ 07/03/21 累計477,211
26 *,*35,389 **1,364 旅立ちの唄 / Mr.Children 07/10/31 累計390,240
27 *,*34,989 ***,358 ワンダーライン / YUKI 07/12/12
28 *,*32,922 **1,597 weeeek / NEWS 07/11/07 累計366,778
29 *,*32,234 **1,112 MIRAGE / AAA 08/01/09
30 *,*28,128 ***,*** LOSE YOUR MIND feat.Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA / BoA 07/12/12

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Hope i get alot of money this year too (lol $30 to date...) Havne't visit relative yet xP

A Favor. onegaishimasu

HI there, so those who are on my Friend's list that never join soompi before, please sign up soompi using my link if you can, so i can be enter for a drawing for soompi shirt signed by Se7en. First if you are glad to help me, please give me your email, so i can send you an invitation, from there you use that link in your email to sign up therefore it help me toward my entry for the drawing...Please!! and thank you!!

Oh by the way, if anyone is interested in Korean Dramas with English Subs, im selling them and also Japanese dramas, if you have a soompi account already, i posted all the info at the selling and trading thread, go take a look!

There are alot of people seems to be giving out Christmas Cards, i don't want to miss out on the fun as well, those that are in my friend list, if you want one from me, let me know. leave ur email, so I can email you, from there i can contact you for your mailing address :)
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Isn't this great, not only a single but an ALBUM! just too happy that i got to post. School kept me busy, but I'm enjoying learning Japanese. I love the song weeeek based on the cm haha

.....sad my wallet went empty...i just pre-order all 4 copies (2 limited, 2 regular) ...IT"S WORTH IT (but i swear my brother would think I'm crazy)